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Knowledge Base:

Adjective Vocabulary:

Here is a short adjective list that can get you started on your way to building an adjective list.



The publication of English Collocations in Use provides a welcome opportunity to reflect on the impact of the lexical approach on ELT over the last decade.


Band 9:

This section covers the IELTS Essays Writing Samples and shows how to create a rough draft before writing the essay in IELTS Writing Tests.


Business English:

How to Starting and ending of conversations, Dealing With Telephone Problems?


Emergency on Flight BA 032:

This page contains a Emergency Conversation on Flight BA 032. It is based on a real world conversation.


English Conversation Dialogues for Adult Learners:

One of the best ways to improve communication skills is to become familiar with the language by reading, building vocabulary, and discussing what you study in daily conversations.


EV Idioms and Phrases Final:

To use English Idioms and Phrases in english.


IELTS Skills Improvement Tips:

Here we get IELTS Reading, Speaking, and Writing Skills improvement tips for IELTS training candidates.


Listening Tips:

In this page we have lot of listening tips for english learners.


Reading Tips:

Here some reading skills need for IELTS Students.


Speaking Tips:

The best advice for IELTS speaking is very simply to listen to the question and answer it. The reason for this is for this is the one time you are face to face with the examiner and nerves are a sigificant problem.


Vocabulary Tips:

Learning vocabulary takes time and it can be a mistake to force the process. If you try to learn too many words too quickly, you can end up only confusing yourself.


Writing Tips:

IELTS Writing tips for language learners.


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