What is the industry looking for?

The Industry is looking for people with open-minded personalities, who are interested in technology, the best possible talent, the brightest minds and one who has a good understanding of his subject, the ability and motivation to learn and the willingness to work in a multicultural company with international teams, he’s at the verge of landing into alucarious job no matter what gender, race, religion or other characteristic he has. IELTS helps you to acheive this.

What would be the first set of skills to be assessed?

The Industry expects graduates to be confident in both written and spoken English and a second language, and to be good all-around communicators. You should be confident enough to move in international business circles without losing track of what you set out to achieve. IELTS helps you to tone your skills.

What is expected at the early stages of career?

They like them to work in strategic projects early in their careers. They welcome individuals who are eager to increase their knowledge and who aim to perfect the skills necessary to execute the kind of highly visible projects.

What are expected out of management level candidates?

The talents of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Qualities they’re looking for in graduates who want to take their career to management level are strong orientations toward business results, strategic innovation and customer needs. They should be able to administer change management processes and to develop successful teams. Intercultural sensitivity and the ability to lead as well as to collaborate are basic requirements for a high-level career. IELTS has been incessantly striving to develop a better tomorrow for all its students to take their career to new heights Once you start your career at IELTS, you will enjoy a host of benefits. In your quest to find efficient solutions, you will build a global career and be a part of the industry that encourages curious minds to ask thought-provoking questions.

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